Augmentation Types

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We support both .mp4 and .mov formats.

We highly recommend you try to limit the size and length of your uploaded videos. Keep in mind people are downloading them to their phones.

We encourge you to explore what works best for you, but we've found readers prefer videos under 30 seconds.

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3D Models

We support .obj, .fbx, .ply and .glb models.

We recommend you keep your models under 20mg. This is beacuse not everyone's phone is the latest and most powerful, and we want everyone to see your content.

There are also options for adding labels, coloring, enabling users to scale and rotate your objects and more.

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Image Stacks

You can upload .zip and .gz image stacks.

These stacks should contain .jpg or .png images, that all end in sequential numbers. Ex: Image001.png Image002.png ... Image055.png.

Once uploaded users can 'swipe' on your figure to scroll through your image-stack.

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Volumetric Data

We support .nii volumetric files. Simply uploading your .nii file should work automatically in most cases.

If your volume is in MNI or TLRC space, it will be automatically displayed with the appropriate atlas as an underlay. If you upload a volume with multiple values per voxel, they will be interpreted as an anatomical underlay, numerical overlay, and statistical values. Alternatively, you can upload a .zip or .gz containing spatially aligned files named 'Underlay.nii', 'Overlay.nii' and optionally 'Stats.nii' to directly assign volumes to these roles.

More coming soon!