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Will Schol-AR work on my phone?

Almost certainly. Schol-AR works on all iOS devices released after 2015 (iPhone 6S and above). The vast majority of Android devices released after 2015 also support Schol-AR. However, in rare cases some Android devices may need to first manually install Google Play Services for AR as an App in order for Schol-AR to function.

If you encounter any difficulty getting Schol-AR to work with your mobile device, please contact us.

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What else should I know?

Schol-AR is designed to enable broad viewership of scientific digital media, and as such data that is not intended to be widely accessible and viewed should not be uploaded into the system.

Data is also automatically reprocessed by Schol-AR to make it suitable for viewing in mobile and browser environments. This reprocessing typically is undiscernible to the human eye, but after data is uploaded it should be viewed through Schol-AR to verify its fidelity.


Contact: Schol-AR@ardist.io