Schol-AR PDF Reader

Augmentations may be viewed through our PDF Reader on computers or laptops, in addition to the mobile app.

To view them through the PDF reader simply go to and open the augmented PDF. If the PDF contains a Schol-AR QR code augmentations will automatically display ontop of the document.

For Authors:

I’d Like a Direct Link for my Project


    We’d be happy to create a direct link to your project, which will open in the PDF Reader with a single click. Please reach out to us at to have one created for your project. This option is currently only available upon request because the intellectual property of each PDF must be evaluated.

    If the PDF is open access, unpublished, or otherwise has no other competing ownership, we can host it for you to enable the direct link. Ex:

    If the PDF is published in an access-restricted journal or has other ownership barriers, we can still create a link, but instead of directly opening it will require readers to download the file from the proper host. An example of this can be seen via

    ****Please note these links are not required to view augmentations in either the PDF Reader or mobile application. They are simply a one-click shortcut to make dissemination even easier.

I Cannot Include the QR Code in my PDF

    We encourage you to include the QR code directly into your PDF, as that allows the most fluid access to your augmentations via both augmented reality and PDF Reader. However, we understand in some situations this simply cannot be done - such as when augmenting already published articles.

    In these situations a link can be manually created between a PDF and your Schol-AR project, allowing the document to work within the PDF Reader - without an included QR. If you need this done, please send a request to, with the PDF attached.

    However, please note this should only be done with final PDFs that will never change or be updated in any way. While changes and updates to PDFs with included QR codes automatically function, PDFs without QRs are limited to a single, specific PDF file.